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Task M50

Light utility vehicle (UTV) and 500Kg of capacity. The most robust in the market. Very comfortable and advanced design to work on extremely rough ground at full load. Maximum safety of operation in agriculture, green areas or construction.

M 50 D

The most agile vehicle with optimal performance for maintenance and surveillance of any ground type. The M 50 D is a light vehicle capable on rough terrain due to a blocking differential, excellent suspension and a 3 cylinder engine of high torque. The biggest nominal capacity of its category and the best combination of power and stability to work on gradients at full load (500kg) thanks to the right wheelbase and weight distribution between axles. Advanced technology on automatic transmission CVT type. Very robust axles exclusive from AUSA that allow to carry up to 3 people and materials efficiently and minimum cost. The M 50 D is a very easy to drive, comfortable and safe vehicle because of the automatic transmision, ergonomical driving position and the protection of the ROPS/FOPS. Approved versions: Special Vehicle (19,5kW; 40Km/h); UTV european approval (15kW; 60Km/h).


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